Incredible Machines and Tools Most Impressive Lawn Mowers and Gardening Machines - Amazing Machines

Pubblicato il 25 mag 2021
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Amazing machines for gardening and lawn mowing and impressive tools is always a pleasure to see operating - Amazing Machines
The content of our videos is for entertainment and the information contained is for you to know what is happening on the screen and has some educational value.

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Most Impressive Lawn Mowers and Gardening Tools and Tools - Amazing Machines

Incredible Machines and Tools Most Impressive Lawn Mowers and Gardening Machines - Amazing Machines

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  • Mollik Javed

    Mollik Javed

    Giorno fa

    The awful charles happily x-ray because rubber steadily compete by a meaty cheese. joyous, possessive italy

  • Taha Haider

    Taha Haider

    9 giorni fa

    Watch first clip at 2x speed.

  • Huyền Híp ‐ Công việc và cuộc sống Séc

    Huyền Híp ‐ Công việc và cuộc sống Séc

    9 giorni fa

    I tried, little tired but very quickly to cut

  • caroline roberts

    caroline roberts

    9 giorni fa

    It was so relaxing, I almost nodded offzźzz

  • Akh Star

    Akh Star

    9 giorni fa

    Name of music starting from 6:45 to 8:38 anyone ?

  • Eric Chapman

    Eric Chapman

    10 giorni fa

    Great video camera work could watch hours of this quality recording. A pleasure to watch
    I am Fed up with trying to watch so many that have me air sick with their hand held swooping about and talking garbage

  • Jennifer Wood

    Jennifer Wood

    12 giorni fa

    This is so mesmerizing to watch!

  • Wylie Tharp

    Wylie Tharp

    13 giorni fa

    4:06 I know a cheaper solution, T R A C T O R

  • Anna-Marie Hartman

    Anna-Marie Hartman

    15 giorni fa

    The second clip only causes more trouble.

  • Kate Lee

    Kate Lee

    16 giorni fa

    I really love the grim reaper siyi

  • tachlhite vlogs

    tachlhite vlogs

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  • Muhammad Ikramullah

    Muhammad Ikramullah

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  • Narelle MacPherson

    Narelle MacPherson

    18 giorni fa

    Fabulous machinery

  • Leslie Mergenthal

    Leslie Mergenthal

    18 giorni fa

    Good "Mow-rock". Machines are incredible. Brick cleaning machines my favorite especially the moss remover. If I had a million bucks and a million acres to mow...we'd be talking. Good video anyway.

    • Luca Tagini

      Luca Tagini

      14 giorni fa

      P c'è

  • will 17

    will 17

    19 giorni fa

    comme ca la faune a le temps de se faire couper en deux

  • Nick Grigorakos

    Nick Grigorakos

    19 giorni fa

    It's always the fucking music

  • Dorothea Isserstedt

    Dorothea Isserstedt

    19 giorni fa

    Opa konnte das noch, mit der sense heu machen.



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  • Iken 61

    Iken 61

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    28 giorni fa

    How many people went, Mmm Hmm..... “Some folks call it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade.”

  • That Happy Guy

    That Happy Guy

    28 giorni fa

    the guy at the beginning be like the grim reaper waiting outside my house bored waiting for me to die already lol

  • Solange Aniceto

    Solange Aniceto

    28 giorni fa

    Ótimas potências.
    As prefeituras dasa grandes cidades do Brasil poderia comprar algumas máquinas dessa pra fazer limpezas nas praças e terrenos onde o mato já tomou conta de tudo.

  • Zachary Kent

    Zachary Kent

    28 giorni fa

    Don't vacuum the lawn clippings! Mulch that stuff. That is FREE fertilizer.

  • Aubrey Heartburn

    Aubrey Heartburn

    29 giorni fa

    I have a bad back just WATCHING the guy with the scythe!

  • 313calikal


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    Link the tools used. Thx

  • Au nom de dieu le tout miséricordieux

    Au nom de dieu le tout miséricordieux

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    Continuez, la réaction est là

  • John Bishop

    John Bishop

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    what's the music? Sounds like Clapton but I don't recognise it?

  • James N

    James N

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    Wasn't these originally come from reddit and then you guys edited them ? Hmm

  • Cinder Donihoo

    Cinder Donihoo

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    I freaking love this!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Павел Плешков

    Павел Плешков

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    Кто из россии где такие инструменты постоянно используют?

  • C&C Vee

    C&C Vee

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    The scythe just shed that lawn. It was beautiful now its screwed

  • Chris Bolin

    Chris Bolin

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    Never let cattle get near grass clippings as it will bloat and kill them

  • Galway Tribesman

    Galway Tribesman

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    That scythe must be sharp as fuck

    • shirlthepearl 316

      shirlthepearl 316

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      Scary Sharp!

  • BBjazzman JAZZMAN

    BBjazzman JAZZMAN

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    Ah yes, The Westermann Radialbesen @2:25 for larger area Moss and weed growth where it would normally take hours to clean brick and uneven cobblestone areas..these Honda motor machines are loud, we converted ours to Natural gas for areas where conventional petrol combustion is not suitable.
    Sometimes the Natural gas burns a bit smelly but it's not Carbon Monoxide.. it's safe by product burnoff.

  • Haywood Jablonski

    Haywood Jablonski

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    If you’re using a scythe in 2021, you’re a psychopath

    • TimmMix


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      That must be an Scythopath! I‘m sorry

  • Bey Zam

    Bey Zam

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    6:45 that background music is awesome

    • SasoRina


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      Killer Instinct vibe for some reason. Fighting game on SNES N64 and Xbox/pc

  • KobaChan0000


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  • Dan Koning

    Dan Koning

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    The visual was very good; the *audio was horrible.* Please let us hear the machinery vs what we can hear on a radio any time.

  • F D

    F D

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    A scythe the latest technology from the investors of other remarkable products like the wheel and fire

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      Ina Panavaitė

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    • Ragan Franklin

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  • Forrest Baer

    Forrest Baer

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    Just leave the grass alone what did it ever do to you.

  • yukimontevideo


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  • Khiem Ngoc Suong

    Khiem Ngoc Suong

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    The utter gram hypothetically heat because caution visually decay but a smiling melody. decisive, light beat

  • Secret Agent Viper

    Secret Agent Viper

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    I didn't know a scythe was latest technology 😂

  • J.A.R. Family

    J.A.R. Family

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    Y'all actually showed a gardener with hedge trimmers working?

  • Пиздабол Тв

    Пиздабол Тв

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    Путинский ПРОРЫВ отдыхает.

  • Alejandro Carmona

    Alejandro Carmona

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    Increíbles máquinas y lo primero que pone es una guadaña que se utiliza desde la prehistoria 😂😂

    • Xochitl Arredondo

      Xochitl Arredondo

      22 giorni fa

      Sí, y los aparatos producen mucho polvo. Que se actualicen.

  • Freddy The Frog

    Freddy The Frog

    Mese fa

    If only there were another way to cut grass that doesn't include knackering yourself out

  • tone91402


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    I'm high af wishing I had a farm 😂😂😂

  • quasar9111


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    2nd one is a brilliant zombie killing machine if zombies ever evolved to swimming :)

  • SoundingTheRedAlarm


    Mese fa

    Lawnmower Wars with the Neighbor:
    -Who has the biggest machine
    -Who has faster clean-up
    -Who can do it better with skill, and also be decorative
    -Decorate your lawn with flowers and foliage
    -If you can out perform your neighbor, you are winning these Lawnmower Wars with the Neighbor. No Medal of Honor at the end. You just get to pester your neighbor on the weekly to see who does a better job. If you winning, you get to enjoy your lawn all the way to next week. You hope your neighbor hasn't upgraded his equipment, before you do.

  • Sixto Paz

    Sixto Paz

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    Maybe I’m missing something, but a basic hedge trimmer isn’t anything “impressive”.

    • Secret Agent Viper

      Secret Agent Viper

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      And scythe 😂

  • Анатолий Дундарь

    Анатолий Дундарь

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  • SWog


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    I'm not sure why this is so mesmerizing... or why it doesn't motivate me to go out and mow my own lawn.

    • Guillermo Ortiz Garcia

      Guillermo Ortiz Garcia

      4 giorni fa

      Because our own tools aren't mesmerizing ;-;

  • Schneemann 2008

    Schneemann 2008

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    Ich kann zum Radialbesen nur sagen der funktioniert nicht wie gezeigt ! Für mich ist das mit dem Besen getürkt !

  • Lady Queen

    Lady Queen

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    Most of these equipment can put John Deere out of business 👌🏼

    • Michael Mac Tavish

      Michael Mac Tavish

      Mese fa

      yeah accully not many deere dealers left in canada because theres quite a few went out of business and theres alot more kubota dealers in canada then is deeres now plus kubotas still growing bigger every year wich i rather be with the best products kubota the best well made brand in the world

  • Duane Ayers

    Duane Ayers

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    U already know that they made sure that the weeds were all cut down between the (TS) 9:49 to 9:50 tells it all.

  • Tabac1959


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    Very impressive. Clean the machine footage needed, also.

    • Wiremu Turner

      Wiremu Turner

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      No make sense man

  • Alan Dematei

    Alan Dematei

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    Wow, what an incredible machine. A hedge trimmer and a lawn mower. Who thuncked of that?

  • Персей


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    Последняя писец опасная,без защиты эти проволоки как иглы летают,а то что это может случиться вероятность большая .На ушм подобные насадки продают с ней страшно работать

  • An extremely important man

    An extremely important man

    Mese fa

    Some folks call it a kaiser blade I call it a sling blade

  • MC


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    Lools like the grim reaper for lawns

  • Got grass grass Ufo

    Got grass grass Ufo

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    I knew they weren’t from America but They didn’t need safety goggles

  • Liz


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    Great tools👍🏻

  • Harlan Woodward

    Harlan Woodward

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    Scythe weed wacker

  • Михаил Фроленков

    Михаил Фроленков

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    косит с пропусками в деревне засмеялибы и коса не подогнана под рост через 10 минут умрет

  • @aturmumshouse


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    The boat thing was really neat, get alot work done with that baby

  • Carla Walker

    Carla Walker

    Mese fa

    Would have been nice know the name of all of these tools

  • dom-mage


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    Les chèvres et les moutons c'est bien aussi et ça pollue pas ☮️💞

  • Willy Wong

    Willy Wong

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    Used that in the 60s n 70s

  • Dyana Mullican

    Dyana Mullican

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    Wow loved seeing these new machines. Thanks.

  • В наших силах

    В наших силах

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    Та что вначале видео сразу, я до сих пор на селе кошу такой👍 ручка только другая средняя.

  • linh duong

    linh duong

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    Kaka đất này mặt bằng không như đất ở việt nam toàn đá với xỏi cắt kiểu này mẻ lưởi hết

  • Barbara Hug

    Barbara Hug

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    I like it that you bag the clippings.

  • 魔女ちーたん


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  • Manoel Carlos Balestero

    Manoel Carlos Balestero

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    É verdade,as máquinas são incríveis,fico imaginando a inteligência do cidadão que projetou essa máquina!!!

  • MrTheMaxiu


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    Tantum Tech..... 😂🤭🤭

  • Павел Лопатин

    Павел Лопатин

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    У меня в школе есть один универсальный инструмент называется" надо что нибудь сделать". И этим инструментом я делаю всю работу. Затрат ноль. КПД ноль. Но всегда есть работа и зарплата.



    Mese fa

    Show 👏👏👏👏👍👏

  • buddy tipton

    buddy tipton

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    Dude I use a rider mower for that job. Work smarter not harder.

  • Ррррп Моь ап

    Ррррп Моь ап

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    С ручной касой во время войны касели и хлеб доставлялься на фронт

  • d hamby

    d hamby

    Mese fa

    Missing Ventrac machine.

  • coondogtheman1234


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    Some of the people on the show Swamp People need a device like that boat with the two props on the front. Like a swamp mower.

  • mert ercıyas

    mert ercıyas

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  • Yan KJ

    Yan KJ

    Mese fa

    Deforestation, dislike !

  • 【ただひろ】THE FIRST TAKE チャンネル

    【ただひろ】THE FIRST TAKE チャンネル

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  • Александр Ермаков

    Александр Ермаков

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    Особенно ручная коса,супер техника😂

  • Фаро Фаро

    Фаро Фаро

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    Вся техніка по своєму дуже хороша,молодці ті хто створює такі шедеври

  • Медведева Надежда

    Медведева Надежда

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    Кто бы мне отбил косу, что б так косила.

  • Howard Swing

    Howard Swing

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    Àll hip and NO INFORMATION 👎

  • Андрей Воробей ибн Гор

    Андрей Воробей ибн Гор

    Mese fa

    А есть ролик про Вероятные машины???..просто я знаю невероятно много невероятных людей которые каждый невероятный день невероятно работают этими "невероятными во всем мире" машинками,инструментами,невероятной техникой...для них это просто работа...хотелось бы ролик об редкой, но вероятной технике посмотреть,был бы класс🥳...а то у нас на планете,особенно в Ютупе,все невероятное куда не плюнь..

  • Boy47 Ayun

    Boy47 Ayun

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    Amazing work with modern machine

  • Х Иванов

    Х Иванов

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    косит траву неправильно

  • Dinda Fathiya rohmah

    Dinda Fathiya rohmah

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    Kalo ada batu, plettakkkk

  • ハンサム女狐


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    是非 俺の家の広大な庭もやってもらいたい

  • Юрий


    Mese fa

    Военная часть… Курилка. Сидят 4 лейтенанта. Один предлагает идти к командиру части проситься в отпуск. Встали пошли. Заходит к командиру первый:
    — Товарищи полковник, лейтенант Пупкин. Разрешите в отпуск.
    — Да ты че! В отпуск, говоришь? Давай рацпредложение, и пойдешь в отпуск!
    — Легко! Вон у Вас под окном солдат траву косит. Че он косой в одну сторону машет? Давайте ему вторую косу привяжем, пусть косит налево и направо!
    — Молодец! В отпуск!
    Заходит второй:
    — Давай рацпредложение…
    — Легко! Вон у Вас под окном солдат траву косит. Че он косой туда-сюда машет? Давайте ему к косе привяжем вилы, пусть сразу в кучки складывает!
    — Молодец! В отпуск!
    Заходит третий:

    — Давай рацпредложение…
    — Легко! Вон у Вас под окном солдат траву косит. Че он косой туда-сюда машет, траву в кучки складывает? Давайте к нему привяжем тележку, пусть сразу и отвозит!
    — Молодец! В отпуск!
    Заходит четвертый:

    — Давай рацпредложение…
    — Не знаю.
    — Ну-у-у-у… Так иди думай. Придумаешь приходи!
    Выходит лейтенант на крыльцо, закуривает нервно, стоит «репу морщит».
    И тут подходит к нему этот солдат. С этой хреновиной в руках с привязанной тележкой, весь потный, обессиленный. И злобно так, спрашивает у лейтенанта:
    — Чё, товарищ лейтенант, в отпуск хотите?!
    — Да-а…
    — И рацпредложение не можете придумать?!
    — Да-а…

  • Игорь гришин56

    Игорь гришин56

    Mese fa

    Коса...это да..🤗😉🤣

  • Myke_Bota


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    If gas prices keep going up, that will be my last resort. 1st video played.

    • Ten Minute Tokyo 2

      Ten Minute Tokyo 2

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      Elites and ruling class want you poor. They’re jealous.

  • Joey Jennings

    Joey Jennings

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    0:07 looks better when Death is holding it 💀



    Mese fa

    Dam I bet the ab workout is great