Amazing Machines for Construction of Mega Structures - Giants of Engineering and Modern Technology

Pubblicato il 1 lug 2021
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Giants of Modern Engineering and their incredible production process. Amazing machines.
Powerful machines. Construction of mega railway bridges and floating bridges, Installation of transmission towers with heavy load helicopters, construction of mast cranes and more...

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Incredible extreme engineering machines building the most incredible megastructures
The Most Powerful Works of the Giants of Modern Engineering and their Incredible Machines
Amazing Machines for Construction of Mega Structures - Giants of Engineering and Modern Technology

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  • Андрей Кузьмин

    Андрей Кузьмин

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    Какую-то сраную арку поставили у нас в Керченском, а п*здежу на месяц было, какие мы крутые, аналогов нету как обычно, позорники, здесь просто люди работают и обустраивают свою страну, жизнь и не теплют языком, хотя стройка(задачи) по круче будут.! Россия, каменный век по сравнению с миром.

  • Fatjon Tasi

    Fatjon Tasi

    23 giorni fa

    2021 ALBANIA 🇪🇺

  • Wesley Brown

    Wesley Brown

    26 giorni fa

    Didn’t see the underwater structure.

  • Абдулазиз Юсупов

    Абдулазиз Юсупов

    26 giorni fa

    Мегастуктура у наших властей.а это мега конструкции.
    Но техника хорошая.

  • M S

    M S

    29 giorni fa

    - Å fan!

  • VillageOfBD


    29 giorni fa

    Good video

  • John May

    John May

    29 giorni fa

    Good video!

  • Samuel Garcia

    Samuel Garcia

    29 giorni fa

    Espetacular 👏👏👏

  • Shan Charan

    Shan Charan

    29 giorni fa

    that crane on the boat freaks me out.....its lifting damn weights while floating

  • Phil S

    Phil S

    29 giorni fa

    Putting the3 "heavy" into heavy-lift! That bridge building system is really spectacular, and one of the reasons why China can build bridges so rapidly (although the text on this example is Korean?)

    • Agustín


      28 giorni fa

      Is in South Korea.

  • Alexandre Do Carmo

    Alexandre Do Carmo

    Mese fa

    Que interesante mesmo só coisa bruta o loko

  • Tom Rogers

    Tom Rogers

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    10:52. Giant letters stating “NO WELDING”. 10:54. Welding the base of the crane! Huh?

    • Tom Rogers

      Tom Rogers

      29 giorni fa

      @John KaBang After some thought, (because I have nothing else to do), I’m thinking it refers to the common practice of welding brackets and fixtures to the decks of freighters to secure large loads. These are cut free upon delivery of the product. Any welding will compromise the temper and strength of steel. With this massive crane mounted on the deck, changing the nature of the metal at those areas would be detrimental.

    • John KaBang

      John KaBang

      29 giorni fa

      I first noticed the "NO WELDING" sign on the side of the piece @ 10:18 and I'm thinking that it gets held in place with a large number of nuts and bolts. But then like you said, right @ 10:54 you can see a steel worker? welding it in place. So someone please explain the "NO WELDING" sign. What am I missing here?"

  • manoj kumar R

    manoj kumar R

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    all video supper my first comment

  • Tractor Khmer Famer

    Tractor Khmer Famer

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    Good Video i like and watching video all thank you for share !

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      Are you taiwanese?....

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    Перевод на Русский язык можно сделать?