Amazing Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Manufacturing Process and Other Modern Production Methods

Pubblicato il 5 giu 2021
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The trumpet is a musical wind instrument, of the brass family, characterized by mouthpieces, usually made of metal.
Of musical instruments, after the human voice, it can be said that the trumpet is one of the oldest instruments. It was born out of the need that shepherds had to lead their flocks and to scare away predatory animals. Check out this compilation with the Bach Stradivarius series trumpets manufacturing process and other Modern Production Methods
Amazing Machines and tools that are most satisfying to see doing their job - Amazing machines.

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Amazing production processes and most satisfying machines to see
Amazing Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Manufacturing Process and Other Modern Production Methods

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  • jackcasse


    16 giorni fa

    My parents bought me a Stradivarius when I was a junior in highschool and I played it through my college years. It's in my closet. I haven't played it in like 15 years. This video makes me want to break it out and get back into music. I miss it.

  • Palladen


    18 giorni fa

    Great vid, quality product, what's the background track called?

  • JuanPablo C.

    JuanPablo C.

    18 giorni fa

    There are mouthpieces for trombones here too that are shown in some passages of the video. but, whatever, it's a really satisfying video. greets.

  • Bart Fargo

    Bart Fargo

    18 giorni fa

    “Trumpet torment me!”
    —Earlie Cuyler

  • Silver Somnium

    Silver Somnium

    19 giorni fa

    Yeah, this is exactly like a Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 😟

  • DarthVaper


    20 giorni fa

    The machine making cone pieces was impressive

  • Семён Яковлев

    Семён Яковлев

    20 giorni fa

    барабан страдивари - для настоящих пацанов

  • K9 Six

    K9 Six

    20 giorni fa

    Nice saxophone music while a trumpet is being made

  • Jerod Haskins

    Jerod Haskins

    21 giorno fa

    Anyone else care that at about 4:40, those are trombone/baritone mouthpieces? Compare to the one shown at 4:46 (an actual trumpet mouthpiece). Not a big deal as both are made pretty much the same way...just wanting to give a shout out to any of my fellow T-boners, that's all.

  • Andrew H Fisher

    Andrew H Fisher

    21 giorno fa

    And yet, if this video had trumpet music instead of saxophone, no one would watch.

  • Jeffery Mistich

    Jeffery Mistich

    21 giorno fa

    Why a 🎷 in the music instead of a 🎺?

  • Don Love

    Don Love

    21 giorno fa

    Should've used steel drum background music.

  • Alex Z

    Alex Z

    21 giorno fa

    И видео познавательное, и саксофон гуд. Но причем здесь (много мата) Страдивари!!?? И Бах!!???

  • Pat Farrell

    Pat Farrell

    21 giorno fa

    Er, its clearly being silver soldered, not welded.

  • beanbaka


    22 giorni fa

    Ok who clicked on this thinking it was a bottomless portafilter 😏

  • Goon124


    22 giorni fa

    Trumpet video: Sax playing bgm the entire time.

  • Robert Snearly

    Robert Snearly

    22 giorni fa

    The music was perfection. Any one willing or able to tell me where to find it? Thanks.

  • Yamaha Japan

    Yamaha Japan

    22 giorni fa

    Music SUCKS!!!

  • Phil Wilson

    Phil Wilson

    23 giorni fa

    Hey !
    Love that Choice to use a Sax on a Trumpet Manufacturing Video !
    I guess that it would have been too much Trouble to use : Harry James, Doc Severenson, Herb Albert, Maynard Ferguson, et al !

  • Ungesehen Winter

    Ungesehen Winter

    23 giorni fa

    reminds me of Mr Rogers neighborhood. I recall making of trumpets and another about crayons lol

  • Сергей Антонов

    Сергей Антонов

    23 giorni fa

    Собирают трубу, а играет сакс. Не логично...

  • William Quayle

    William Quayle

    23 giorni fa

    “Practically the first musical instrument invented”… are you sure?

  • Dennis O

    Dennis O

    23 giorni fa

    What a fail to have a sax playing the music...

  • alain parent

    alain parent

    23 giorni fa

    nice solo saxophone on a great trumpet video.

  • Hugo Faustino Garcia

    Hugo Faustino Garcia

    23 giorni fa

    Alguien sabe como se llama el tema musical de fondo / cortina musical ?

  • Einauge1987


    24 giorni fa

    The Trumpet was invented AFTER the pipe. We found pipe, made of bones, about 30000 years old.

    • Jm Bt

      Jm Bt

      23 giorni fa

      Allgemeinwissen eben. Und danach kam längst nicht die Trompete, sondern mit ziemlicher Sicherheit Hörner.

  • SJKile


    24 giorni fa

    A story about Bach Trumpets with a Saxophone playing in the background. That is rich.

  • ted johnson

    ted johnson

    24 giorni fa

    I bought my first Stradivarius in 2002. It was a limited edition Model 6. A terrific trumpet. I bought my second Stradivarius in 2019. It was new, Model LR180S37. I found out why people told me why not to buy a Bach made after the 2006 strike. Big mistake. I bought it on-line from a music distributor. First off, the silver plating was bad. Plating on the lead pipe was already pitted. The valves stuck. The third valve had not been properly lapped in its casing, or it was a different valve after the fact. I had to tap the valve with piece of wood and a rawhide hammer to get the valve out of the casing. In the end I had to lap it myself to get it to work, using a ground casing mandrel, 0.664", and lapping compound. The dealer was completely not helpful, and my review was rejected. The second valve slide was also stuck and I had to finesse it to get it off so that I could grease it. In other words, what I have, is a piece of junk that I don't trust and can't sell. I have a Bach Stradivarius Model 37 made in 2004. It's fantastic, and it represents what Bach used to be. My advice, don't buy a new Bach, get a good used one on eBay.

  • Gregory Crépin

    Gregory Crépin

    24 giorni fa

    Absolument magnifique à découvrir ,à regarder mais aussi à écouter car la musique colle parfaitement au reportage. Merci à vous.

  • Алекс Лазарио

    Алекс Лазарио

    24 giorni fa

    Труб Бах у меня пока не было.

  • Gen303


    24 giorni fa

    "Hey, lets make a video of how we build trumpets."
    "OK! Lets find some good saxophone music for the background."

    • Stephen Verner

      Stephen Verner

      21 giorno fa

      I’m a sax player and that was my first thought. No thought given to the theme music.

    • D J

      D J

      21 giorno fa

      Yes. We should be listening to a Bach trumpet concerto, not Soul Glow.

  • kazuki


    25 giorni fa


  • TimBo


    25 giorni fa

    Let's try to create the most anal retentive way to make a trumpet? Also, let's make sure to hit it with a wooden hammer randomly and for no apparent reason sometimes.

  • anthony morales

    anthony morales

    25 giorni fa

    There was allot of negative comments, I loved it. I usually watch luthier videos; there's definitely a sense of more enjoyment from these guys.

  • Peter Hassack

    Peter Hassack

    25 giorni fa

    Such a pity that we had to listen to an inane saxophone playing whilst they were making the trumpet…😠

  • Busta Bass

    Busta Bass

    25 giorni fa

    But will it make me play like Miles?🎺

    • anthony morales

      anthony morales

      24 giorni fa

      @Busta Bass Right!

    • Busta Bass

      Busta Bass

      25 giorni fa

      @anthony morales 🎶 "Soooo What!" 🎶 🎺 [Laffin'😄]

    • anthony morales

      anthony morales

      25 giorni fa

      What a silly question of course it will

  • Guido de vecchi

    Guido de vecchi

    26 giorni fa

    The Bach trumpet? Bach has never used this type of trumpet!

  • Emily Fralick

    Emily Fralick

    26 giorni fa

    Video about the making of trumpets:
    Creator: why not some sexy saxophone music

  • bloibl916


    26 giorni fa

    Rings, springs, a trumpet….what else do we have any video of? Throw it in there.

  • Thomas Kahan

    Thomas Kahan

    26 giorni fa

    Très belles trompettes. Pour la vidéo sur la fabrication de saxophones Selmer, je suggère une musique aussi sirupeuse, à l'harmonica, ou à la cornemuse



    26 giorni fa

    A fabricação de mola no final foi muito aleatório kkkk

  • youtuuba


    26 giorni fa

    Another in a long series of totally crap "how it's made" videos produced by various videographers. Almost always they show some random collection of video snippets that were not shot to be instructional in nature, cobbled together by somebody with little knowledge, and provided with captions or narrations that range from totally incorrect to misleading to confusing. Add poor translations to and from the source language, and here you have it.

    • OnlyJesus Saves

      OnlyJesus Saves

      24 giorni fa

      And then they put in a shot of a Chinese machine making springs. CCP ruins everything.

  • BNE02


    27 giorni fa

    A rare video of human ingenuity being put to a good cause

  • Oscar Oses

    Oscar Oses

    27 giorni fa

    Cuánta belleza gran proceso amo estos instrumentos

  • Carl Holsather

    Carl Holsather

    27 giorni fa

    First the artist makes the instrument,then the artist makes the music.

  • Larry Sorenson

    Larry Sorenson

    28 giorni fa

    Early in the 20th century most cities had bands and orchestras. Concerts were very popular. So much so that nationwide competitions were an annual event much akin to the Super Bowl of today. In Wisconsin a prominent brewery had a fairly famous band. The Blatz Band was a national contender and in 1915 won the prestigious event.
    My grandfather, Dr. Milo M. Sorenson played the saxophone and several other instruments like flute and piccolo in that band. As was the custom, they were incited to tour Europe and play concerts in many cities. The year was 1916. In preparation, the LeBlanc Musical Instrument Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin outfitted the brass section with new, gold plated and heavily engraved instruments. Grandpa Doc was immensely proud of his saxophone, playing it in innumerable concerts throughout his life. Near the end of his life searched nationwide for a musician who would continue to play it. I believe that it went to a member of the LA Philharmonic.
    During the European tour the build up to World War 1, resulting from the assassination of the Austrian Arch Duke Ferdinand, was well underway and the tour to be cut short. This caused the band leader, Visi Walker, later head of bands at Disney, to pack up his five year old son, Johnny Walker, later music director at the University of Illinois, the band members, their enormous pile if “grip” and skedaddle for home.
    A short while later Grandpa Doc enlisted in the Navy and was appointed the Drum Major if the US Navy band. Before embarking on a war related tour a grand assembly of bands from all over the country was held at what is now the Great Lakes Naval Air Station. I can only imagine how the engraved, golden Leblanc saxophone sounded when John Phillips Sousa tapped his baton on the podium for the playing of the Stars and Stripes Forever.
    With a tear in my eye i hope that you all have an enjoyable and meaningful 2021 celebration of our freedom and Independence this Fourth of July.
    Larry Sorenson
    Arizona USA

  • Larry Sorenson

    Larry Sorenson

    28 giorni fa

    I would like to buy six of the trumpet stems that are at the early stage of manufacturing when the bell has only the shape of a flower. Can anyone connect me with this manufacturer? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    Larry in Arizona, USA

  • mkl 10

    mkl 10

    28 giorni fa

    на каких грубых и грязных станках делают то, что музыкант себе в рот сует))

  • J.J. Guerrieri

    J.J. Guerrieri

    28 giorni fa

    That’s job security

  • simplydoz


    Mese fa

    I came to look at the saxophone comments.

  • Marcelo Dalla Vecchia

    Marcelo Dalla Vecchia

    Mese fa

    Engraçado o solo de sax na fabricação do Trompete. Rsrsrsrs. Seria uma homenagem do Sax ao Trompete? Kkkkkkk

  • Miguel Ángel Balaguer

    Miguel Ángel Balaguer

    Mese fa

    Imagino que en el video que explique cómo se fabrica un saxofón la música será interpretada por un trompetista.

  • M. G. Krøger

    M. G. Krøger

    Mese fa

    A sax commenting the trumpet production process. There were no trumpets ready yet!! 😅😅😅😅

  • Nanni Soares

    Nanni Soares

    Mese fa

    Que processo lindo! Adorei saber. 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  • Andries Viljoen

    Andries Viljoen

    Mese fa

    Why on earth be botherd by the music chosen for the soundtrack? It was beautiful, and I really would like to know the name of the piece being played....sax and all! Thanks for a great video!

    • Patrick McLaughlin

      Patrick McLaughlin

      22 giorni fa

      @Paul Scalisi people look for excuses to be triggered too. Crazy world.

    • Paul Scalisi

      Paul Scalisi

      25 giorni fa

      People find excuses to be triggered now.

  • Johnny


    Mese fa

    Saxophone track while showing trumpets :p

  • Олег Сергеев

    Олег Сергеев

    Mese fa

    Где Страдивари, а где труба?!
    Причем тут Страдивари??

    • STI


      24 giorni fa

      Идиотский перевод. Так делают трубы фирмы Bach. Страдивари это название модели.

  • John Patmos

    John Patmos

    Mese fa

    This does a terrible job of showing us the process. Hops around.

  • David Grandy

    David Grandy

    Mese fa

    It's not welding. It's soldering.

  • Andy XoX

    Andy XoX

    Mese fa

    Just the same as making a car hubcap/wheel trim!

  • Dan Koning

    Dan Koning

    Mese fa

    *Great visual overall,* but the video would be much better w/o the music; that's what radios are for.
    For me I prefer to hear the machinery; *"hearing"* it function is just as knew as *"seeing"* how it functions.
    *Stopped watching* after scrolling through and realized there's music from beginning to end. smh

  • Марк Аврелий

    Марк Аврелий

    Mese fa

    Жмуров раньше лабали с такими дудками.

  • Gildo Lima de Souza

    Gildo Lima de Souza

    Mese fa

    Vicent Bach!!! Tive um trompete dessa marca estraordinario,e doei pra.igreja e tenho um.Yamaha ha 20 anos amo esse instrumento e ñ admito esse sax invadindo esse video !deixo meu protesto!

  • Mauricio alexis Martinez Martinez

    Mauricio alexis Martinez Martinez

    Mese fa

    Me acordé de herb alpert

  • Gilberto Tavares

    Gilberto Tavares

    Mese fa

    Ótimo vídeo mas essa música com saxofone estragou!

  • CorsAir2042


    Mese fa

    Было бы логичней если в видео звучала труба а не сакс.

  • Preacher Joe Gros

    Preacher Joe Gros

    Mese fa

    I love my Bach Stradivarius, I'm almost 62 and I still play i in church. A lot of work goes into making one and ya It's strange that this video wouldn't have used a trumpet riff. 🤣🎺🎼🎵🎺

    • Big McLargeHuge

      Big McLargeHuge

      17 giorni fa

      I was a trumpet player in high school. Now I’m 61 years old and wish I had kept playing. I still have it but it’s in poor shape after all these years in a closet. Makes me kinda sad.

  • Esmeulon Souza de Oliveira

    Esmeulon Souza de Oliveira

    Mese fa

    Show 🏴‍☠️♦️🏴‍☠️

  • Ariel Raguet

    Ariel Raguet

    Mese fa

    ¡¡Ni siquiera un fluegelhorn!! ¡¡un saxo!! Lo único que tiene en común con la trompeta es el bronce, habiendo tanta música de trompeta académica y popular la verdad no se entiende, más aún si se tiene el objetivo de que sea educativo. Hermoso el video, un desastre la banda de sonido.

  • insanity wolf

    insanity wolf

    Mese fa

    I'm pretty sure the first musical instrument invented was the tuba.

  • NicleT


    Mese fa

    What a splendid video! Curious choice of music where a sax is front, but hey! that was sexy as hell!

  • Matt Peacock

    Matt Peacock

    Mese fa

    Why no info on the music????

  • Matt Peacock

    Matt Peacock

    Mese fa

    My most sincere compliments to whomever won on the choice for "soundtrack".

  • Юрий Юрий

    Юрий Юрий

    Mese fa

    Даже и подумать не мог, что нужна целая фабрика🙄

  • Joe Dvorsky

    Joe Dvorsky

    Mese fa

    Soldered not welded.

  • Jaime Elias Quintero Hernandez

    Jaime Elias Quintero Hernandez

    Mese fa

    Tecnología y Arte😎👍

  • Silviu Stefan

    Silviu Stefan

    Mese fa

    The trumpet was not the first instrument that humans invented. What is wrong with you ?? And what’s with the sax music?

  • Michael Joyce

    Michael Joyce

    Mese fa

    Odd having a saxophone sound track for a trumpet video. Rather stupid actually.

  • Jose Roberto Luna

    Jose Roberto Luna

    Mese fa

    Que coisa maravilhosa!!!
    Esses artesãos são mestres!!

  • Stanley Denning

    Stanley Denning

    Mese fa

    I'm watching a trumpet being made and am listening to Saxophone music. How appropriate. But that's OK. I'm an old trumpet player who wishes he took up the saxophone.

  • susan lynch

    susan lynch

    Mese fa

    Fascinating video, but why on earth have a saxophone playing on the soundtrack and not a trumpet? Very strange.

    • inande


      Mese fa

      Sax > trumpet

  • Roberto Mello

    Roberto Mello

    Mese fa

    Este trompete deve ter o som muito feio,por isso colocaram o som d saxsonfone

  • Игорь Федосиенко

    Игорь Федосиенко

    Mese fa

    Дудки блестящие.

  • Gosho21c


    Mese fa




    Mese fa

    да и ничего особенного мы тоже так Бы делали,,,,,, если умели ..

  • B6 schilke

    B6 schilke

    Mese fa

    So easy when you have all the tools. Try fixing these monsters after they’ve had years of sugary soda blown through them. No amount of slime away or ultrasonic cleaning will work, only my trusty torch.

    • C.K. Wilbur

      C.K. Wilbur

      20 giorni fa

      Ain't that the truth!!!

  • Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez

    Mese fa

    Was that graham Hancock making a trumpet?

  • Игорь Карпеченко

    Игорь Карпеченко

    Mese fa

    Дело - труба... )

  • Михаил Жуйков

    Михаил Жуйков

    Mese fa

    !!! )))

  • Total Confusion

    Total Confusion

    Mese fa

    Thumbnail i thought big engine valve 😳😳

  • Evanderson carlos

    Evanderson carlos

    Mese fa


  • Adrian Kraska

    Adrian Kraska

    Mese fa

    Flores hermosos🙂

  • 全砕竜の長 3Gから生きてきたブラキディオス

    全砕竜の長 3Gから生きてきたブラキディオス

    Mese fa


  • Cicco Deportes

    Cicco Deportes

    Mese fa

    7:21 Si le llega a enganchar la ropa...

  • Samuel Souza

    Samuel Souza

    Mese fa

    Trilha sonora de sax para a fabricação de trompetes. Isso é imperdoável.

    • AddisonLarson


      20 giorni fa

      @Alex M nice 😆

    • Alex M

      Alex M

      20 giorni fa

      @AddisonLarson You are correct!!! 😄😄 I wrote in Portuguese: "Sax soundtrack on a trumpet factory. It is unforgivable!"

    • AddisonLarson


      20 giorni fa

      I don't speak your language. But I can tell what you're saying. Obviously they are playing saxophone music because the trumpet hasn't been made yet...

    • Alex M

      Alex M

      20 giorni fa


    • Jefté Luis

      Jefté Luis

      22 giorni fa

      Ueeee, o trompete não tava nem pronto ainda como a trilha ia ser com ele

  • MalikEmmanuel


    Mese fa

    Click on a videos about trumpets and hear a saxophone playing?

  • Rodrigo Aleksejavas

    Rodrigo Aleksejavas

    Mese fa

    Simplesmente lindo!
    Uma verdadeira obra de arte.

  • саня саня

    саня саня

    Mese fa

    там со спиралью ещё никому руку не оторвало? это грубейшее нарушение техники безопасности,хватать деталь выходящую из станка можно только инструментом!

  • jairo duran

    jairo duran

    Mese fa


  • luis carlos rodriguez pascual

    luis carlos rodriguez pascual

    Mese fa

    Encantador, muchas gracias.