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Welding is a process that aims at the localized union of materials, similar or not, permanently, based on the action of forces on an atomic scale similar to those existing inside the material and is the most important form of permanent union of industrially used parts.
In today's episode we will see welding techniques and their professionals who operate at a high level. Electric arc welding, electrical resistance welding and more...
It is not known exactly when welding was invented, but the evidence for the first metal forgings is from the Bronze Age between 2000 BC and 3000 BC.
The modern welding process only evolved after the discovery of the electric arc in 1801, by the Englishman Sir Humphry Davy.
The process took around 7 years to be made official, in 1808 when Sir Humphry Davy publicly presented a large-scale arch in front of the Royal Society in London, through the transmission of an electric current between two carbon rods in contact.
Being able to join two metal alloy materials has allowed for great technological advances that have changed the world forever. Electric arc welding is one of the most important processes ever created by mankind.

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Amazing Welding Machines and Tools More Satisfactory to See
Welding professionals who are on another level
Amazing Welding Processes - Your Machines, Tools and Top-Level Professionals
Incredible Most satisfactory welding processes, your machines and expert professionals

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