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Our goal is to show you the most incredible inventions and gadgets on the market through compiled videos.
Curiosities, novelties, fantastic people, new technologies, powerful machines and more.
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Iscritto il giorno 21 nov 2018

  • Gurdarshan Singh Sodhi

    Gurdarshan Singh Sodhi

    18 ore fa

    Very good 👍

  • Mokhtar Baharom

    Mokhtar Baharom

    21 ora fa

    4:19 👍👍👍

  • Techaniac


    22 ore fa

    Keep calm and mow the lawn! 🤣

  • ブックビッグ


    Giorno fa

    馬追い機械 馬拷問‼️

  • s종소리


    Giorno fa

    * great~ great ~~HAHAHA ~

  • s종소리


    Giorno fa

    * great~ great ~ ~HAHAHA ~

  • Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey

    Giorno fa

    I wonder how many will go on to kill innocent kids?

  • Jonatas Dias

    Jonatas Dias

    Giorno fa

    Fabricação de balas?mais é Bala de goma .. ou é munição?

  • TôPostandoPontoCom


    Giorno fa

    Um monte de pai de família na rua da amargura. Éh gente, ser humano vale nada hoje em dia.

  • cristina loaiza

    cristina loaiza

    Giorno fa

    lo que le falta a los agricultores colombianos

  • Renata Recreio

    Renata Recreio

    Giorno fa

    Amo os chocolates da Nestlé!

  • Phil S

    Phil S

    Giorno fa

    Many of these very specialised machines are the "invisible side of agriculture" - the majority of people really have very little to zero idea just how much technology is behind those rows of fresh produce in the supermarket! Without this technology, produce would be a LOT more expensive, and there would be far less choice.

  • Cesare Derossi

    Cesare Derossi

    Giorno fa

    Guardate che un mezzo simile era in uso 35 anni fa in diversi eserciti

  • JLB Minestine

    JLB Minestine

    Giorno fa


  • humberto avalos

    humberto avalos

    Giorno fa

    Esa sembradora de 27 surcos está perfecta para mí 1/2 hectárea 🤔🤣

  • евгений Русский

    евгений Русский

    Giorno fa

    Фабрика смерти.

  • Modfix Ru – Game mods

    Modfix Ru – Game mods

    Giorno fa

    Проще чем бабушка пирожки делает

  • Asdak Mohtady

    Asdak Mohtady

    Giorno fa

    علم الانسان ما لم يعلم سبحان الله

  • Lakshmi Bhat

    Lakshmi Bhat

    Giorno fa

    👆☝👆👉🌍🌝🌙🌞👉👌😴👏👍👏👍👏👌😴👌👌😴👏👍👏👏👌😴😴....... ...

  • Zelio Ferreira

    Zelio Ferreira

    Giorno fa

    Parabéns parabéns pelo seu trabalho parabéns gostei

  • Cat Clark

    Cat Clark

    Giorno fa

    Great video! I think the music needs to be even louder :)

  • Douglas Noguera

    Douglas Noguera

    Giorno fa

    Muy buen video pero creo que se debería de explicar las labores quedé hacen para que la gente entienda lo que se está haciendo y por qué se hace saludo desde vzla

  • Henry Onserio

    Henry Onserio

    Giorno fa

    The wire for projectile was lead, along the process where powder and projectile fitted (projectile) is brass. Does lead cook to brass?.....just curious.

  • How old are we anyway. yipes

    How old are we anyway. yipes

    Giorno fa

    only brass bullets for me please.

  • doge sovietico

    doge sovietico

    Giorno fa

    E.U resume:

  • Акку Сонета

    Акку Сонета

    Giorno fa

    Класс! Успехов!

  • ONE007Cenel


    Giorno fa

    super dan sangat luar biasa

  • Jimmy Day

    Jimmy Day

    2 giorni fa

    Editing is really bad on this, sorry. Switching scenes every 3 seconds is distracting. Thumbs down.

  • wilfredo campos

    wilfredo campos

    2 giorni fa

    Saludes al sector bananero yo trabaje y varias veces las mulas se caían de los puentes y las frutas es una anecdota

  • مطبخى سر سعادتى

    مطبخى سر سعادتى

    2 giorni fa